Raw Materials Trade

By means of abundant fund strength and brand advantages, Chengda Steel has accumulated ample experience as well as obtained significant development in commodity trade, and formed standardized management process. Iron and steel materials supply has turned to be the core business of Chengda Steel. Besides, it has also established strategic partnership with several well-known steel mills to which 100,000.00 mt of iron ore and coke are supplied. Meanwhile, steel products to be traded are being extended to billet, steel strip and other materials from the mills. Chengda steel will take an active part in supply chain management and win-win ally, and continue improving popularity and influence in the same lines. 

Steel Trade

By opening up business of steel order agent and sales, and insisting on management concept Cooperation and win- win and management rule Credit First Chengda Steel has become an influential steel stock trader in north China. The well going of business has also attracted many dealers to look for cooperation with us, as Chengda Steel supplies rebar, wire rod, sections, coated steel and other steel products in diversity, good quality and good service. To expand business area,to exploit customer and to be bigger and stronger in steel trading are key tactics of our management.

Market Sales

Based on high quality of iron & steel mill resources, Chengda Steel takes advantages of sale-force, marketing channels and outstanding influences in the northeast regions of China to develop direct selling business of steel products, and provides top quality services for the terminal market. We can supply the goods from our sufficient stock in main northeast steel market, or directly from the milss; Sorts of the products are from reliable resources with high quality at low prices. The steel products showed their prominent competitive power as soon as they were put into market. Meanwhile, the prestige of Chengda Steel is increasing with each passing day.




International Trade

Chengda Steel attaches much importance to steel products and raw materials . It not only possesses international trade qualification, but also devotes itself to training and reserving international trading talents, as well as builds up excellent international trade team. Our company focuses on the development of export business of domestic high-quality steel products and import business especially iron ore, coke, PCI coal, chrome ore, manganese ore etc. So far, we have a wide range of  business with customers from Southeast Asia, Africa, Middle East and other countries and areas all over the world. Upon constant strengthening the exploitation of competitive products in China and high-quality and reliable raw materials resource overseas, we will make greater progress in international trade.

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